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Is A Gym Membership Worth It?

Making an investment into your physical health is one of the best decisions you can take. Taking out time to stay fit can save you excessive costs on healthcare down the line. Your ability to exercise and test your body increases its longevity and decreases the risk of several kinds of diseases. Not to forget, it makes you look good too!

But the first step people often decide to take when they want to focus on fitness is that they consider joining a gym. Gyms can be convenient in a way, but is that truly the best decision?

Here’s an analysis by BillSaverUSA Inc.

Should You Spend On A Gym Membership?

Research by Statista states that 61 million people were members of gyms in 2017. And since the average fee for a monthly gym membership can be $60, paying for a workout may not seem like a big pocket-burner.

However, research also states that 70% of all gym memberships go unused after the first few months. Experts have often suggested that is how the business model of a gym works. Most gyms rely on people paying for their memberships and then not showing up.

Can I Work Out Anywhere Else?

Of course!

If you’re asking yourself “is a gym membership worth it?,” you should consider if you need to go to a gym in the first place. It may be possible that you don’t have to since you might have the time to use it or be genuinely committed to the idea of working out in a gym.

The truth is, most of the objects that you’ll use in a gym like resistance bands, dumbbells, and kettlebells can be found at an affordable price at a Walmart. Additionally, there are also several no-cost exercises like cycling, hiking or running that can help you get fit on a budget.

Still confused?

Here’s a head to head comparison.

Advantages Of Working Out At Home Advantages of A Gym Membership
Convenience And Freedom: You can work out wherever you want to. Your class times, class duration, weather, or the traffic doesn’t matter. People who work out at home are a lot more consistent because exercising at home is easy. An Instructor: You can always have a trained professional guiding you. They can help correct your form and tell you about a diet.
Privacy: You’re working out behind the four walls of your home! You don’t have to worry about feeling anxious in a yoga class or when you’re learning how to grab a barbell. Social Interaction: You’ll also get to meet like-minded people who have the same goals and learn a lot from their experiences!

Should You Get a Gym Membership?

If you’re ready to commit to the lifestyle of a gym, it can provide great value. But if you aren’t ready for the commitment, it’s only going to be a service that you pay every month for but never use. If you’re looking for further ways of cutting costs in your busy lifestyle, BillSaverUSA Inc can help you get started!

Call us today on 1 (888) 789-1357 to learn more!

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