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The Best Gym Memberships for 2021

The New Year often means fresh fitness goals. But with the COVID-19 pandemic still making its presence felt all across America, the decision of going to a nearby gym to lift weights or for cross-training has become increasingly difficult.

Even in April, several gyms across America are offering exciting discounts to people who are willing to start their New Year resolutions a bit late. Some of these gyms offer affordable prices all-year round, ever year, and that’s still the case in 2021. But before BillSaverUSA Inc takes you through the best gym memberships of 2021, we do recommend you do some research of your own, too!

Blink Fitness

This gym is dedicated to providing its members with an experience which is positive with a slogan “Every Body Happy.” Memberships range from $15 to $27 for a month with an annual fee of $54.99. Once you have the membership, you can have access to more than 100 locations.

And if you want to work out at home because you can’t take out time for a gym, you can also get the gym’s exclusive mobile application that offers fitness classes and workouts on-demand.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness offers its members a unique feature that most gyms – not even 24 hour gyms – offer: your own key to the gym so you can enter without an employee letting you in. This way, you can work out anytime you want to. This unique feature makes Anytime Fitness a great gym for people who are constantly travelling and are in different parts of the country.

They have more than 4,700 locations all around the country and a membership can cost you $37 on average for a month. For additional savings, you can also sign up for 6, 12, or 18 months at a specific location.

24 Hour Fitness

Speaking of 24 hour gyms, 24 hour fitness is a great option, too! From barre to HIIT to yoga, following a cross training workout is going to be ridiculously easy! Few 24 Hour Fitness locations also have their own running groups which can help you stay connected with like-minded people. Additionally, when you become a member, you also get access to a mobile application which can help you plan a workout ahead of time.

However, the prices can vary by location. There are signup deals you can benefit from, so you’ll constantly have to stay in the know. Currently, gym memberships start at $29.99 a month, and for a price of $31.99 to $36.99 a month, you can use all active and sports gyms.

LA Fitness

With memberships starting at $25 a month for one location or $33 to use any location in the whole country, LA Fitness is one of the most affordable gyms in America. These gyms are famous for being the one-stop-shop for fitness and you aren’t going to miss out on a lot!

The Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking for exclusivity or if you’re trying to save money, the decision to pick a gym for your workouts depends completely on your usage case scenario. For more information on how you can benefit from exciting cost-cutting offerings on gyms and other things, call BillSaverUSA Inc on 1(888) 789-1357 and we’ll help you make significant savings!

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